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  • Champagne & celebrations: we are here for you!

    During celebrations, champagne can be found everywhere: as an aperitif, for dessert or throughout the meal.

    Are you not an expert and want to make the right choices? As experts in our region and partners of Champagne Houses or small producers, we can advise you. 

  • Champagne: recipe of an exceptional product !

    Champagne is not an effervescent like the others. You should know that champagne can only come from our small French region and theThe winegrowers then follow the Champagne method, a manufacturing process made up of 9 major steps.

  • How to choose a champagne? The basics

    In our team, as experts in our region and our terroir, we have the information and the basics to choose and accompany a champagne. What about you? ...
  • Champagnes at domain prices shipped to you

    In addition to this, you will need to know more about it. Our team, passionate about French wines and culture, has been specialized, since 2010, in...