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Collection: Champagne Taittinger

Maison Taittinger as we now know it only appeared in 1932 thanks to Pierre-Charles Taittinger who decided to put his name on the bottles of champagne from the former Maison Forest & Fourneaux that he had just bought. The Fourneaux family then had no successor to carry on the family business that began in 1734, when Jacques Fourneaux began working with the Benedictine abbeys, then owners and operators of fine vineyards. The House then developed and the family perfected its winemaking techniques.

In 1945, François Taittinger took over the head of the House and decided to install it in the former Saint-Nicaise abbey, in Reims, known for its splendid cellars built on chalk pits. Since the House has retained its family identity, today it is a father-daughter-son trio who work together to perpetuate their renowned brand.

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